HTML & CSS on Khan Academy

In class we have gone on Khan Academy and learned about HTML and CSS. HTML is the language that tells the browser about headings, lists, tables. CSS is the style sheet language that you use to style a page. In HTML you have to use tags. Example: <html> </html> everything has to be inside the html tags. In HTML you learn how to put in pictures with the image tag. In HTML you can emphasise text, and how to add lists. Link to my HTML spin off: In CSS you can style a webpage. You can add colors to make you webpage more interesting. You can also use ids to select a certain paragraph or heading.  Here is a link to my CSS spin off:

Key Events in Computer History

We were assigned to do a project about the history of computer programs. We had had to get in partners and pick someone we wanted to research. We choose Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was a

talented mathematician who wrote instructions to the first computer program. I liked doing this assignment it was very enjoyable. I learned a lot during this assignment. I learned that

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook In Feb 24,2004. I also learned that Bill Gates makes $114.16 per second and has a net worth of $72 billion.


Here is a link to my page that i did :

Assignment #8- Survey

In this lesson we had to create a survey. Seven people answered my survey.My questions were what pets do you have?,what month where you born in?, are you ready for high school., what is your favorite food?, what is your favorite time of day?, and what is your favorite school subject?  every person who took my survey had a dog. 3 people had a cat and 3 people had other. Two people had a bunny and Two people had a fish. Most of the people who took my survey liked pizza. For the favorite school subject there was a tie of two people liking art and two people like math.

here is a link to my survey:

Assignment 6-Dreamroom

We were assigned to make a dream room with 5000 dollars including tax. We could not go over 5,000 dollars. At the end it had to be between 4,995 and 5,000 dollars. We could shop at Target and IKEA. I bought most of my thing from target. I liked doing this project I thought it was fun to do. It wasn’t very fun in the begin , but once i got used to it, it was fun.

My dream room spreadsheet:



Assignment #4 – The Debate

There are many pros and cons to wearing school uniforms.some of the. One pro is that every one is equal. Wearing uniforms can also help stop people making fun of others because every one is wearing the same thing. Also wearing uniforms can help the staff from having to force a dress code. Also it helps teachers identify students because in a group of kids you can see their faces clearly. Also if there is an outsider the staff can identify them faster. Another pro on wearing uniforms is that it can improves learning because there are no distractions.

Along with the pros there are cons. The cost of uniforms can be very costly especially if you have more than one child in the school. Wearing a uniform can make kids not focus on their work because they are uncomfortable. Wearing a uniform may not be flattering on some body types that could have a big impact on a students self image. Uniforms also do not stop gangs or cliques. Another con on uniforms is that if there was a natural disaster how could a parent identify their child because everyone is wearing the same thing.

I don’t agree with wearing uniforms. I think every child should be able to express themselves through what they wear. Instead of making everyone wear the same thing the teachers/staff should have a dress code. Some families don’t have money to be buying their kids a uniform. If teachers want students to be comfortable in school making students wear uniforms won’t make them comfortable. Overall everyone will have their own opinion on why uniforms are good or bad.


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Here are the two post I commented on:

Assignment #4 School Uniforms

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Assignment #3 Digital Footprint

I learn about what a digital footprint is. A digital footprint is the trail that you leave behind on the internet. You should be careful on what you do online because it can affect you later in life. what i mean by later in life is that if you go to get a good job your boss could look up you digital footprint. They could see what you have done on the internet if you have posted things that were not to their liking they could decide not to hire you. Even if you deleted the photo it is still on the internet for someone like your boss to see. Landon and I made a video explaining more about a Digital foot print.

here is the link:


this is my favorite video:




Assignment 2 safe blogging

In this  post I will be talking  about how you should be posting safely and the school rule.Here are a few rules I will be talking about.You should only post things that you want everyone to know. You should not post any personal information.You should also give constructive feedback.

When giving constructive feedback you should not be making the person feel bad for what they have posted.You should give feedback by telling the person what they could improve on in the future. When your posting you should not give out personal information like your last name, phone number, address, and school names. Even if you know the person you should not tell them your personal information over the internet because you don’t know who else will be viewing it. You should never post things that you or your friend don’t want people to see. that means you shouldn’t post a secret that your friend told you because I don’t think you would want them to do that to you.





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