Portfolio Entry #4- make a difference project

In health we were assigned in groups to make a difference in the community. At first I did not like this project because i did not wanted to be in a group with my friend and people i knew well. I had three other people . My group was not as bad as i thought it would be. Our first idea was to go to an old peoples home and do something with them like make ginger bread houses. That plan did not work out so we decided to than hold a drive in school for the local animal shelter. We wanted to help give them old blankets , towels, food, and other things they needed. We got about half way into this project than time got the best of us and we did not get to do that. We were going to start this drive right when we came back to school from the long week end in November. The week before the break in December we realized it was way to late to do this. Our teacher came up with the idea to help out at gifts to give. At first i did not like this idea at all. Since it was to late to do anything else I had to just do it. The day came when we had to go. Our teacher came with us. When we got inside their were only two people there. Something went wrong when someone from our group went to sign us up. Thankfully there was still one volunteer still there. Since everyone left we had to sort clothes. Usually you would make bags up and clean the toys. Since it was a couple of days before the holidays every bag that was made was already sent out. Sorting the clothes was a lot more fun than i thought it would be. We stayed there for an hour. Time went by super quick and it was time to go home. i really like do this and it did make me think about how good i have it and how there are some people who look forward to clothes for Christmas.

Here is a picture: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hcGOvEviHEjF6PW6igHWRPpHUP-Pxi90xDeD0UW8hXc/edit#slide=id.p

HTML & CSS on Khan Academy

In class we have gone on Khan Academy and learned about HTML and CSS. HTML is the language that tells the browser about headings, lists, tables. CSS is the style sheet language that you use to style a page. In HTML you have to use tags. Example: <html> </html> everything has to be inside the html tags. In HTML you learn how to put in pictures with the image tag. In HTML you can emphasise text, and how to add lists. Link to my HTML spin off: https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/spin-off-of-html-text-emphasis/5067759449341952 In CSS you can style a webpage. You can add colors to make you webpage more interesting. You can also use ids to select a certain paragraph or heading.  Here is a link to my CSS spin off: https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/spin-off-of-css-basics/5878953143762944.

Key Events in Computer History

We were assigned to do a project about the history of computer programs. We had had to get in partners and pick someone we wanted to research. We choose Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was a

talented mathematician who wrote instructions to the first computer program. I liked doing this assignment it was very enjoyable. I learned a lot during this assignment. I learned that

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook In Feb 24,2004. I also learned that Bill Gates makes $114.16 per second and has a net worth of $72 billion.


Here is a link to my page that i did :   https://sites.google.com/fairhavenps.net/it8/home/ada-lovelace

Assignment #8- Survey

In this lesson we had to create a survey. Seven people answered my survey.My questions were what pets do you have?,what month where you born in?, are you ready for high school., what is your favorite food?, what is your favorite time of day?, and what is your favorite school subject?  every person who took my survey had a dog. 3 people had a cat and 3 people had other. Two people had a bunny and Two people had a fish. Most of the people who took my survey liked pizza. For the favorite school subject there was a tie of two people liking art and two people like math.

here is a link to my survey:


Assignment 6-Dreamroom

We were assigned to make a dream room with 5000 dollars including tax. We could not go over 5,000 dollars. At the end it had to be between 4,995 and 5,000 dollars. We could shop at Target and IKEA. I bought most of my thing from target. I liked doing this project I thought it was fun to do. It wasn’t very fun in the begin , but once i got used to it, it was fun.

My dream room spreadsheet:




Portfolio Entry #2- skate board chair

In art class we were assigned to repaint a skate board. i choose to do three and put them on a chair. I wasn’t sure what to do on the boards. I decided to do my entire name. when I went to go get my boards i could not find them. I went to go buy a piece of wood and had my dad cut three pieces out. He then shaped them like a skate board. I went to the store and bought three bottles of spray paint. I bought a blue green color, gold, and a bright pink. I traced my name in bubble letters and painted them black. i then bought black glitter and some glue. i put the glitter on the inside of my name. After I was done with that i put a clear coat on top to keep the glitter from coming off. After that I put it on the frame of the chair.I think it came out very nicely.

here is a picture of  what the chair looks like without my name


Portfolio entry #1-Alphabet project

000_5980In art class we were assigned to pick letters A-M or  O-Z. I choose to do letters A-M. I than took a piece of paper and traced out as many boxes that i needed. We had to make the letters out of other things. like for K I drew a special K box. Some of my favorite letters are the M, G, and F. I spent about 3 weeks on my project. A few of the letters were hard to think of how to draw them. Overall it was a fun project to do.