Portfolio Entry #3- Block Prints

In art we were assigned to make our own stamp. We had to get a small block of wood and carve a design into the wood. We would than take some ink and put it on this mat. We would roll out the ink to evenly cover the whole roller. Than you would roll the ink on to the block. You than take a small piece of paper put it on the block and carefully take a clean roller and rub the paper on the block. Once you lift the paper it leaves the design on the paper. To carve the block of wood we had to use a carving tool. There were 5 sizes of the carving tip the carve your design. It was hard to carve the wood and you had to make sure your hand did not get in the way so you wouldn’t cut your hand. Also if you wanted your design to face the right way or you wanted the words to face the right direction you had to trace the on backwards. I was not sure what to do for my design after thinking about it for a while i chose to do an American flag. I traced on the design and than started to carve. Once i was done carving the stripes i was not sure how to carve out the stars. I than decided to just trace one big one and carve it so it would look better and be easier to carve. After you were done with carving you had to wash off your block because of the oils from your hands might make the ink not go on the block and ruin your print. After every color you used you had to wash of your block, roller, and the mat. ┬ádid about 5 -7 prints and chose the best 3. Once the prints were put on to a big paper i like how the looked.

Here is a picture of my stamps:

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