Portfolio Entry #2- skate board chair

In art class we were assigned to repaint a skate board. i choose to do three and put them on a chair. I wasn’t sure what to do on the boards. I decided to do my entire name. when I went to go get my boards i could not find them. I went to go buy a piece of wood and had my dad cut three pieces out. He then shaped them like a skate board. I went to the store and bought three bottles of spray paint. I bought a blue green color, gold, and a bright pink. I traced my name in bubble letters and painted them black. i then bought black glitter and some glue. i put the glitter on the inside of my name. After I was done with that i put a clear coat on top to keep the glitter from coming off. After that I put it on the frame of the chair.I think it came out very nicely.

here is a picture of  what the chair looks like without my name


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